Jul 062010

Watch David Madden’s interview with the University of Tennessee Press on Abducted by Circumstance.


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  3 Responses to “UT Press Interview with David Madden”

  1. Dear Jerry, I just watched your July 2010 interview on utube. It was wonderful to hear you. The same long, soft, winding sentences as in Athens.

    • David Madden

      Dear Margaret, Your comment on my interview brings deep delight to the end of this very memorable first year in Black Mountain, not far from Athens. You always have a lovely way of phrasing your thoughts and feelings. Please also see my reading at Malaprops Book Store, filmed by Blake, who is a master photographer. May I send you a copy of ABDUCTED BY CIRCUMSTANCE? Jerry

  2. Dear David,

    You may remember me from the Law Library of Louisiana at the Louisiana Supreme Court. I would like to have your current email address please.

    thank you

    Georgia Chadwick

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